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top 5 sites to make money from the internet

Introduction  to making money 

If you're an interested person in online work, this article is designed for you. So we're going to explain in this article about money-making sites by doing the work that's required of you, I want you to be someone who is as supportive of his idea as famous entrepreneurs around the world like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and more. So we're here to guide you on the right path in order to make money through several reliable websites on the Internet, I'll also teach you how to profit by creating a blog from the ground up on the blogger platform and making money through Adsense ads. And finally, whatever your idea, follow the steps described in the article, and it will work perfectly. 

sites to make money from the internet

Fiverr site 

Fiveer is a popular website for freelance work, and you can work through it, knowing that it doesn't require any skill. So we see a lot of people working on it and making money and earning at least $500 a month, So you have to set up your own electronic account to see the customer so you can give the customer confidence and start giving you some business so you can make money.

 where the start of the business is a little bit poorly paid from $ 5 to about $ 20 a day, So you have to work hard and raise the quality of work and the more good work you do the more benefits you get and the higher the level you get. 

And the good thing about this site is that you can transfer your profits to your portfolio, whether PiPal or Pioneer, so I encourage it if you're a beginner and you want to make money and make good money. 

Upwork site 

It is a location where you can easily earn money through offers for freelancer in general. Where you can meet technical services like image design and corporate logo design or social media logo, So if you have expertise in Wordpress and Blogger like designing professional templates, Also, if you have a talent for seo, you can easily earn money, And it's worth mentioning if you don't have technology expertise or knowledge that you can profit through commission marketing through a certain percentage. 

Etsy site 

If you're adept at designing T-shirts or loving things to draw rare, professional things, you can set up your own store on the site and start publishing your own business products or even if you're someone you understand about technology you can work with. But I'd prefer to design professional tools and promote them properly, that would be meaningful and profitable. But you work at your own pace so depending on what you produce or sell it can take time to sell your product or service So I advise him if someone is good and you know how to attract clients to you.

TaskRabbit site 

This is one of the sites that offers technical and technical services and it is one of the most searching areas for work and jobs where you can do a lot of work on the site. It's all you have to do is create a job profile so that people can find you through the work you're doing. The work you do doesn't require a huge amount of time. Once you're done, your money goes to your account within 24 hours and your earnings are in your account even after 5 days, so we might have given you information on this site. 

Profit through blog blog

  •  You have to choose your blog or business domain name so that the domain is active and search engine friendly

  •  After you pick the domain, you have to apply the settings to the blog.

  •  You have to choose a professional and responsive blogger template for search engines (search the templte is also compatible with the

  • content you offer, for example, you like to write about cooking and you have to use a cooking template)

  •  You Should Write Articles That Are At Least 1,000 Word

  •  There are popular professional content writing tools like Jane Rank and other tools

  • 5Blogger Profit Process Done Through Google Adsens

  • You must abide by seo rules, stay away from copying and rewrite content

  • That's why we explained to you how to profit through Blogger's blog 

Profit from Wordpress

If your goal and passion is to create a Wordpress blog to be a for-profit and meaningful blog you must choose a field for your online business and profit from it, if you need to learn about the profit route from Wordpress blog in more ways than one, learn from this paragraph how to profit from Wordpress blog in 6 different ways...

First you have to book a domain for your website to start the offline process, and you also have to book professional Wordpress courses through which you learn the rules for writing and auditing content.

Choosing a platform

Choosing a platform is the most important step in building your website. The platform you choose determines how easy and affordable it will be for you to make money online, as well as the type of traffic and customers you can get.

Above all, choose a platform that is easy to use. If there are any technicalities involved in creating your site, it may cost more than just creating another site from scratch (we'll talk about that later), and you don't need any barriers between making money online and yourself. Second, whatever platform you choose, make sure it's easy to maintain. This means that once you sign up for an account with a provider like WordPress or Shopify, there should be plenty of ways to fix problems as they arise so that users don't have trouble accessing the site or finding information easily.

Create templates for frequently used content

Templates are a great way to save time, especially for content that is often repetitive. Templates can be used for blog posts, landing pages and other types of content. You may also want to consider using templates for email templates (where all elements are in order), social media posts and newsletters.

Creating a blog or website
Now that you've decided to create a website and make money, it's time to get to work.

The first thing you need to do is choose a platform for your blog or website. This will be the backbone of your site, where all of your content will be hosted. There are many options - WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. and Medium are well known (and not all are free); WordPress has thousands of free themes, while Squarespace has only one theme as of this writing. (see below).If possible, try several before choosing the one that works best for you.

It's important to find content that speaks to you and that you can relate to, but don't just stick to what's popular or trendy at the moment. Draw inspiration from other people's blogs, websites and articles. Study their writing style and see if there are patterns or themes that resonate with you. Then adapt those ideas and make them your own.

Add ads to your website or blog

The next step is to add advertising to your site or blog. There are many different types of ads, so it is important to choose the right one for your site. This will allow people to see your ads, but not so much that they feel like they are constantly being advertised to when they visit the page on which the ad is placed.

Here are a few things you should consider

Choose the optimal ad size and placement for both text content (e.g., blogs) and image/video content (e.g., websites). Choose between fixed and fluid layouts. They determine the size of each section in relation to other sections on the site. For example If I were creating a wedding registry site, guests could add things like flowers and jewelry from the registry gift list to their personal profile page before they paid for their purchase. placed next to theirs, and below them will also have information about how much money everyone who did the same thing before them spent.
Full-page ads that don't take up the entire width of the page, including the margins, except for the logo area, with a choice of different types of ads, such as banner ads that appear only in the upper left corner at certain times, depending on what time zone our solar system is in.or the image itself is still not used within said image, regardless of whether any type font style size has changed color, 
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