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6 Tips on How Effectively Promote Travel Videos on YouTube


Introduction to Promote Travel Videos on YouTube

Every day millions of people around the world open YouTube to seek inspiration, get advice, or learn something new.

Demand for travel content has risen over the past ten years and certainly will remain in the top positions. Videos can influence people’s decisions on travel ways and destinations.

Brands and bloggers create travel channels and upload content. However, to gain popularity and even profit from YT is not as easy as you may think. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips on how to promote travel videos on YouTube.

Make Engaging Videos

Individualize YouTube channel

Create video playlists

Initial boost

Contact opinion leaders

Share on other social media


Tips on How Effectively Promote Travel Videos on YouTube

Make Engaging Videos

This is the main step in a successful promotion. Your content should be, I dare to say MUST be interesting and captivating to you and your potential audience.

Remember that you are the producer of your story. It’s up to you what to film and how to edit. This is a great opportunity to express yourself – only you set limits to your creativity.

Individualize YouTube channel

Your videos should be pretty and your channel also should tell viewers what type of person you are.

  • Create a logo or a theme that will distinguish your channel from others. Make the quality of the image meet YT standards and deliver the idea that this is a channel about traveling.
  • Describe your channel and what kind of videos you make in the channel`s description box. Add all the information you can in each section to be clear of who you are and what you do.
  • Channel`s title should be unique and informative. So should be your hashtags.

Use target keywords

SEO (search engine optimization) works not only for websites. YouTube uses similar to Google algorithms to provide users with relevant content. Good searchability will help you to get more viewers.

It is very important to name the video properly before you publish it, so the users can find it easily. For example, if your video is about traveling to South Goa, titles like “Me on Goa”, “Travel to Goa” do not really capture the subject of your video. Give more precise titles, like “Best beaches in South Goa”.

Video titles are not the only place where you can insert keywords. Actually, you should start with a filename and when you upload your content to YouTube it will already see what`s your video about.

Then you add keywords to tags and descriptions. And make a custom thumbnail for your video, including keywords.

Create video playlists

If you have several videos on your channel you can organize them in the playlists for better navigation. Playlists and videos appear separately in YT search results, so your content may appear twice on one page. Moreover, videos from one playlist continue to play automatically.

Initial boost

How many travel channels and travel videos are on YouTube? Pretty sure, more than a million. So how can you distinguish yourself?

You need a good start, something that will convince users to choose your video over others. Many presently popular channels and bloggers used YouTube digital marketing services to buy YouTube likes, subscribers, and views.

With strong social proofs, your content becomes more attractive to YouTubers and you get better chances to get noticed.

Contact opinion leaders

Probably you have already seen how it works. You follow someone on YouTube or Instagram who creates great baking recipes.

One day this person posts or says: “Hey, I know a guy who makes great travel videos. He’s been all over India and knows all the secrets. Check him out!”

It is even surprising how well such promotion from an influencer works. Many creators use this method to attract followers.

To make it really work you need to be sure of your content. Usually, opinion leaders will not recommend anyone who can jeopardize their authority even for money.

Further visit: 9 Hack Grow On YouTube Without Losing Your Authenticity

Schedule new content

Make it a habit to post new videos on a certain day at a certain time. Thus, your subscribers will see that you take your channel seriously and will recommend you more.

Freshly uploaded videos appear more often in the ranks. Also, you will be more motivated to create new content without a delay.

Share on other social media

There are so many social platforms you can share YouTube videos on. Expose your content to the Internet members in every possible way to get more views, likes, and comments. You even can use email marketing to announce your new video.


Being a YouTube content creator is not always easy. You need to consider a lot of things: from your content originality to utilizing SEO. But once you set your mind on it, there are good chances that you will succeed.

Share in the comment section your experience in travel video promotion on YouTube. Tell us which tip you liked the most.

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