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9 Hack Grow On YouTube Without Losing Your Authenticity

Introduction to Grow On YouTube

Youtube has become a platform that quickly replaced traditional media-and greatly influenced not only business and marketing but individuals’ lives too.

Let’s be honest. How many of you have started your morning by looking into the mirror saying- “Hey Guys welcome back to my channel…”? Yup, I’ve been there too.

Deciding to be a YoutubeVlogger is not an easy thing, let me tell you that, but steps that you should take after that are most definitely not-so-easy ones.

It demands resour­ces like time, mental and physical energy, willingness to express yourself freely. And what is most important-  the story to tell!

So in order to create a channel that will become a brand and make that the main source of your income, there are few things you should consider:

Hack Grow On YouTube Without Losing Your Authenticity

  1. Have A Specific Goal in Mind

What are the reason and the main goal behind your channel? What purpose does it serve? Find a stable ground where you can stand when things get a little bit shaky. Remember you are creating a space for other people – who relates to you – as well as for you.

  1. Tell A Story.

Create a personal myth. Tell a story that is genuine and therefore has a certain depth to it. Us, humans love stories, love seeing that Other people have similar experi­ences too.

this will help others to relate to you as a fellow human being instead of a brand that tries to sell them something in a robotic manner (No offense to robots)

  1. Target A Specific Audience.

As you try to grow your Youtube channel carefully consider the types of people you’re going to be communicating with- think beforehand that they like, how can you engage them successfully.

  1. Boost Your Subscribers.

And thin my friend. is quite an end endeavor, especially when you are a newbie on a huge platform where the competition high rockets and everyone wants to be an Ultimate

influencer. And for that, you need a lot of subscribers, a lot of views, and a healthy amount of Watch time. Some time ago Youtube changed its policy and now monetization is only available for channels that have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000+ watch hours

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  1. Maintain a Schedule

Posting your content regularly is very important

  1. Use Key-Words

That will make your channel more discoverable and will help it to get ranked

  1. Thumbnails That Are Catchy

Images that have colors, bold, catchy text always gets attention. Think of it as bait at the end of a fishing rod- the more attractive one you have the more chance to catch the object of your desire …

  1. Creating a Social Web Around Your Channel 

Using different social platforms to promote your channel is indeed very important. Your channel needs to be everywhere, for it to have more chances to get someone’s attention.

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  1. Make Titles Click-Worthy

Interesting enough, but not beyond the subject of your vlog. People don’t like clickbait, be careful. That will invoke a negative reaction in your audience. Just try to implant the creativity I’m sure you possess!

  1. Stay Away From Shablons

Be conscious of your way of communicating- maybe sometimes the audience that you are interacting with seems like a big group with whom you found it hard to relate, but remember- individuals are the ones that create such groups.

Imagine that you talk with each one of them personally. That will help you to be more genuine and authentic with your communication. Such an attitude will build mutual trust that will most likely be beneficial for both sides.