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How to Build a Chatbot for Business: Quick Facts in Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Facebook Chatbots

Technology has helped businesses a lot in targeting potential customers. Social Media presence has helped in lead generation and engaging with regular customers with services, new deals, and a way for them to reach out to you.

How to Build a Chatbot for Business: Quick Facts in Just

One such technological advancement is the use of Chatbots through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with other mobile applications.

Many applications contain an option for you to talk to Chatbots who answer your question according to options given to you. Many companies have started using WhatsApp to answer your queries with Chatbots.

Facebook allowed the usage of the Bot in the year 2016, leading to the popularising of chatbot marketing. Chatbots on Facebook are used to recruit talents, lead generation, close sales deals, etc.

It saves time and money for the company’s resources. It increases efficiency with better customer service and marketing.

Let us what Chatbots have to offer to help grow your business:

Help in lead generation

Use Facebook automated message responder to target people who comment on your posts. You can also use Click-to-messenger ads for those people who click on your Call-To-Action button, leading them to your chat.

When people reply to your messages from Chatbots, their contact gets added to the contact list. This way, you get a lead.

You can improve your message send by Chatbots through personalized messages. The messages can be based on the user’s interest. The Chatbots can see what users like and what are their interests according to their history and social media profile.

When you know your user’s interests, you can divide your audience based on their interests. You can also indulge in a two-way conversation to see if they are interested in your services or not. If they are, then you can use your customer service to help them.

Right techniques of customer engagement

Use Chatbots to send timely promotional messages and inform them what new you have to offer. Use reward programs to keep your loyal customer base interested in you. Keep updating them with exclusive invitations and new offers.

Use Chatbots for orders and make recommendations to customers. You can also offer them some discounts to add value to your relationship with your customers. Chatbots also help in taking customer feedback and review for your offered services and products.

Ask your customers to rate you from one to five stars or let them take a survey. This way, you can analyze what you need to improve and what works for you.

Get your hands on Automation

Use Chatbots to answer customer’s questions to help them avoid the hassle of calling customer care numbers. You can also send them recommendations related to their queries. Reminders, updates about orders, and event sign-up can be done.

To become available for 24 hours and seven days, you need too much workforce to answer emails and phone. With Chatbots, you can reach your customers whenever they message you for any assistance.

Quick response time impresses the customers and makes them trust you even more. Use smart FAQ to answer regular inquiries, and if there is anything that can be tackled by human customer care, then Chatbots can redirect them to live chat.

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You can use Chatbots:

  • To inform your customers about newly launched products;
  • To update your content in the form of FAQs, guides, and better explainers about your products and services.

Use automated response to keep your contact list in confidence about whatever you are doing.

These Chatbots can also be used on websites to connect with customers who visit your website and want to connect with someone from customer service to get assistance.

Example – You are a lender who provides loans and accept online application through your website. You can use Chatbots on Facebook and on the website to get new leads.

Alternatively, it can be used to solve their query. You can use Chatbots to inform them about your services like you offer 100% guaranteed loans and loans like provident, payday, and personal loans.


Facebook Chatbots are used to generate leads, qualify them, and keep them interested. It also helps businesses to boost traffic and conversions and gives you adaptability and flexibility to improve your business.

Build relationships with your customers and take a chance to connect with new leads. Technological advancement has made our lives more comfortable, and businesses are using it to get better.

With timely progress and correct measures, you can shape the Chatbots to become your strength. Transform from 0 to 100 with the help of Chatbots and fly higher.

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