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Essential AI-Chatbots for Businesses: Scaling Up in 2022


All about AI-Chatbots for Businesses

“Hey, how may I help you? What services are you looking for?”

Essential AI-Chatbots for Businesses: Scaling Up in

Sounds similar, isn’t it?

Chatbot technology is all in trend these days. Mobile app development companies are constantly in the race to build on-demand chatbots as per the client’s demand to help businesses offer an exceptional interactive experience.

These AI-powered computer programs are effective enough to respond to the spoken or written language that reduces human intervention to a great extent.

Instead of keeping users waiting for simple responses, they guide users where to go to find the products/services they’re looking for.

What do these complex chatbots depend upon?

These so-called complex and sophisticated chatbots are powered by machine learning technology which involves:

  • An intelligent computer program/source code that keeps improving with the passing time.
  • Natural Language Processing program that deals with interpreting human-generated language and responses.

For decades, business communication simply depends upon face-to-face meetings and Skype calls. But, the advent of the internet has found new ways of communication which

includes almost everything right from mobile apps to online forms and emails to social media.

Did you know?

  • More than 50% of the customers foresee businesses remain open 24/7 – Oracle, 2016
  • Chatbots can help a business to save almost 30% of the customer support cost to a great extent – Invesp, 2017
  • Almost 80% of the businesses are expected to integrate some form of chatbot in their operations by the year 2021 – Outgrow, 2018

The idea behind this remains the same – Quick, convenient, hassle-free, and creative customer service.

Some of the businesses have already started reaping benefits from the chatbots by initiating quick and meaningful conversations with the users.

Example #1 World Health Organization (WHO)

Being a leading source of trusted information in this COVID-19 pandemic, WHO built a bot on WhatsApp to share information related to the pandemic.

AI-Chatbots for Businesses

The Alert bot helps people to protect themselves against infections, burst the Coronavirus myth, and offers the best travel advice. Initially launched in English, the services will be available in more languages in the future.

AI-Chatbots for Businesses

Dominos has totally changed the way people order food by introducing Dom – The interactive Pizza Bot. This Pizza Bot allows users to reorder previous orders, offer a full-wide menu, and track deliveries – all together in Messenger.

It has become one of the best chatbots for quickly offering customer service – And now all I crave is for ordering a Yummy “Cheese Burst” Pizza. LOL

How integrating AI-powered Chatbot helps businesses scale up in 2021?

Be it fashion, traveling, food and beverages, or entertainment, integrating chatbot in your business offers a myriad of benefits that help businesses enhance their revenue standards.

Better Customer Support & Service

Hiring a mobile app development company to build and integrate custom AI chatbot not only makes your business available 24/7 but also sends auto-responses to the inquiries received and thus reduces human intervention to a great extent.

Quick purchasing decision

By leveraging 24/7 customer assistance and engaging in proactive interactions with their activity, chatbots not only leverage instant and right support to the customers but also make their purchasing decisions quick which in turn makes their purchasing journey seamless and enjoyable.

Gain insights on Custom Data

Your customers hardly talk to your business. Integrating chatbot with your business provides in-detailed and actionable records of your customer choice and pain points which helps your business to improve its product and services.

Chatbots act as an optimal tool for businesses to understand your customer expectations and to leverage their personalized experience with your product or services.

Attaining insights on customer behavior, preferences and needs will help a business to make relevant marketing decisions by developing a customer-centric strategy.

Further visit: 6 Efficient Ways to Make Chatbot More Human

Increased Sales

Chatbots can turn out to be an amazing platform to represent users with recommendations that can smartly introduce customers to the new products or services of your business.

With 24/7 availability and quick responses, bots elevate your business revenue. Business leaders claim that integrating chatbots can increase sales by almost 60%.

Qualified Lead Generation

Chatbots can encourage better lead qualifications by providing quick responses to the requested information and asking relevant questions based on the existing data accumulated during previous customer interactions and pre-defined queries asked to convert potential prospects to customers.

Research states that Chatbots help a business to save almost 1/3rd of the cost being spent to run customer support.

Streamline business workflow

Chatbots can also be used to answer several questions, communicate with employees along with concluding all the HR-related transactional functions.

Apart from this, they can also assist in the employee onboarding process seamlessly. They can screen the questions, record answers, and guide the new employees with the company’s culture, policies, and protocols.

Last but not the least, it can also address some common company’s problems which give IT service agents more opportunities to fix further complicated issues and thus channelize the business operations more smoothly.

The chatbot is revolutionary and is here to stay for a long…!

In short, chatbots will revolutionize the manner clients expertise your business. If enforced correctly, it'll place your business into action.

With AI-implemented chatbots, a business can perceive what customer conversations are going down and improves the additional support experience with an economical and colloquial interface.

T3lemegy Insurense
By : T3lemegy Insurense

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