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Joomla Vs Wordpress Vs Drupal

Many websites today are powered by open source content management systems (CMS) available for free with additional module addons that do not require a significant background in coding.


They are easily customizable, robust and do not require a significant out of pocket cost.  Not to mention since it's open source, the community developing these applications is HUGE and ofcourse are people like you and me around the world dedicating their time, and efforts to help improve these applications further and better. 

Generally a new custom website design cost a significant chunk of change, they require time, as well as a major influence from the business owner on look and feel, the over all navigation and features of their new project.  If you're a busy business owner, that option can be a significant challenge and the timeframe can run upwords of three months.

Luckily for you, there are different optio

WordPress,Joomla and Drupal are just some of the options available to you to help get you online, with that custom look and feel tailored to each individual and yes they are free. 


General rule of thumb is, yes these are free, however to look at a web project, I tend to generally compare building a website to well, building a new home.  In a new home, would you like to build a new deck?  Well yes you would.  How about new windows or siding?  Well yes you would.  How do you plan on decorating your new home? Where would you build your new home?  Do you have land to build it on? What's the address of your new home?  

Hence, approached in a similar fashion, your address would be your web address, your lot of land would be your web hosting provider, and your home would be the CMS you choose.  The out of box look and feel of open source tend to be, well exactly that ( Boxy ) these applications allow you to build that additional functionality, that new look, that nice shinny new page displaying your products or implementing a payment processor geared towards your specific business model.  Many Themes are available geared towards your industry.

Choosing the right one can be difficult because they’re all good options and are highly optimizable for SEO

Probably, one of these three will fit your unique vision the best (whether that’s starting up a simple business website or running a fully functioning dating website with implemented widgets).

Let’s do a comparison to find that perfect option for you and your organization.


General rule of thumb, Each is easy to use, but do require a base level understanding of how a CMS works.  Support is readily available and each has a MONSTEROUS community to help you reach your goals and objectives.  These CMS dynamic applications are HIGHLY Scalable.  They do require Linux web hosting ( we recommend http://www.Zosting.com ) the web hosting is free and makes for a great sandbox to test and familiarize yourself with the CMS if you're a beginner or high level expert.  Also do not forget about your catchy domain name.

  • WordPress – Offers a wide variety of plugins and modules, great for startup businesses as well as already established organizations, good for blogging, e-commerce ( Woo commerce ), social networks, content sites.  Great for SEO and Search engines seem to pick up site fast ( Key steps help enable this to occur faster and better )
  • Joomla – Great for content sites, social networks, e-commerce ( virtuemart ) addons available with good cross selling and up-selling features.  Many govt. organizations around the world use Joomla. Joomla offers a great Akeeba back-up tool and uses Linux hosting with a mysql database.  Does require some basic knowledge of HTML.
  • Drupal – The most difficult, but also the most powerful. It requires a familiar understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP.

 Which one is right for you?